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The Legend of Jeju´s Origin

The Legend of Jeju’s Origin
Creation Myth Grandmother Seolmundae and the Five Hundred Generals The Myth of Three Family Names
  • The breath of Tamna’s Origin,
  • The Myth of Three Family Names
  • The Myth of Three Family Names

    Long ago, before Jeju Island was inhabited by men, three demi-gods rose from the land at the northern foot of Mount Halla. They were Ko Eulla, Yang Eulla and Bu Eulla and the place where they rose is presently known as Samseonghyeol. One day, the three demi-gods found a box that had landed on a beach and opened it. Inside they found a jade box in the shape of a bird’s egg with a envoy to keep watch over it. Inside the jade box were a calf, a foal and the seeds of five types of grain. The envoy said, “I am the envoy of Byeoknang in the East Sea. Our King has three daughters but he could not find husbands for them, even though they are of marriageable age. When he saw you three legendary founders, he commanded me to bring his her daughters to you.”
    After he finished his words, the envoy climbed to the sky on a white horse. The three demi-gods prepared themselves through a celebratory ritual in Heaven, showered in the pond known as Honinji and married the three princesses. Together they established their homes and families and from that time forward, farmed the five grains and raised cattle. Through the abundant crops, they founded the Tamna State.