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The Legend of Jeju´s Origin

The Legend of Jeju's Origin
Creation Myth Grandmother Seolmundae and the Five Hundred Generals The Myth of Three Family Names
  • Story of the beginning of the world
  • Creation Myth
  • Creation Myth

    The world had been dark for a long time. Suddenly, dawn broke and the energy of dawn began to hang over the world covered with darkness and chaos. The sky opened at the first hour of the first day of the first month of the first year. The ground cracked open at the second hour of the second day of the second month of the second year. The boundary between heaven and earth became clearer. When the earth cracked, the ground shot up and water flowed down. At this time, blue dew from the sky and black dew from the ground were united and everything started to be formed. The stars were formed first: Altair in the east, Vega in the west, Canopus in the south, the Big Dipper in the north and the Orion Belt in the center. The multitude of stars filled the space in the sky. It was still dark but blue clouds in the east, white clouds in the west, red clouds in the south, black clouds in the north and yellow clouds in the center began coming and going. At one point, the light of day started to break after all the chickens cried as the Cheonhwang chicken lifted its neck. The Jihwang chicken flapped its wings and the Inhwang chicken lifted its tail. Then the King of Heaven and Earth sent two suns and two moons to the earth, completely opening the sky.