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  • 제주도지도 이미지
  • Samda-do
    It is regarded as Samda-do
    due to the abundance of stones,
    wind and women.
    It is also known as Sammoo-do
    because there is no stealing,
    no beggars and no front gates.
    It had only one kingdom for 464 years, which gave it the name of Tamna.
    • An island located in southwest of the Korean Peninsula.
      An island where Jeju Special Self-governing Province is located.
      It is the biggest island of Republic of Korea.
      Basalt rocks cover more than 90% area of this universal volcanic island.
      An island strategically positioned connecting Continents (Russia, China) and
      Oceans (Japan, South-East Asia).
      A universal recreational island with a beautiful natural landscape received
      as a gift from nature.
    • The island is oval-shaped with Halla Mountain in the center stretching
      73km from east to west and 41km from north to south.
      The island with ring road (Ilju Road) of 181km and a coastline of 258km.
      It is an island with a temperate climate, where the temperature doesn’t reach
      sub-zero levels (in most cases) even in the winters.
    • It is an island that inhabits pole and tropical animals together.
      It is home to 77 types of mammals, 198 types of birds, 8 types each of reptiles and
      amphibians, 873 types of insects, 74 types of spiders.
      The island revolving around Halla Mountain reports a total of 2001 types
      (Baek-du Mountain: around 500 types, Jiri Mountain: around 1000 types) of
      vertically distributed sub-tropical, temperate, polar vegetation etc.
    • East Longitude : 126 Degrees 08 minutes ~ 126 Degrees 58 minutes |
      North Latitude : 33 Degrees 06 minutes ~ 34 Degrees 00 minutes | Rainfall (mm) : Jeju 1456.9 Seogwipo 1850.8 | Average Temperature (℃) : Jeju 15.5 Seogwipo 16.2 | Total Area : 1,848.5㎢ | Highest Point : Mt. Halla 1950m | Symbolic Flower : Korean Rosebay | Symbolic Tree : Camphor Tree |
      Symbolic Bird : Jeju Great five-colored spotted woodpecker | Symbolic Color : Blue