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Since Jeju is abundant in Wind, Stone and Women, it has often been called Samda-do, a nickname which has been since olden times. First and foremost, all sides. ‘Doldam’ which in it, and that is piled-up layer. All these stones in Jeju were formed by Hallasan Mountain's volcanic eruptions. The reason behind a higher number of women compared to men is as the men used to go into the sea to catch fish and they often get caught in typhoons etc. and hence were not able to get back home. environment the harsh natural. It is because of them that this beautiful Island still exists.

Wind Stone Woman
  • Wind
  • Wind

    Jeju Island has a lot of wind due to its geographical location. The effect of the wind is evident in all areas of lives of the citizens of Jeju and in their use of stone as well. An example is which are built behind walls of stones and fields surrounded by stone fences. Jeju also has sayings that teach the wisdom of life through parables of the wind.