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[Wonders of Jeju] JTO Photo Contest

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『Wonders of Jeju』
JTO Photo Contest

● Theme: Dynamic and Active Jeju Island
- Photos focusing on dynamic leisure sports of Jeju island
- Horse-riding, Golf, Ocean leisure(Yacht, Windsurfing, Jet-skiing, Scuba diving, etc), Paragliding, Cycling, or related sceneries such give viewers the idea of great infrastructure of leisure sports in Jeju
※ Non-published work

● Qualifications: Open to anyone

● Standards: Digital Photography (Color / Black & White)
-minimum size of 2,400×3,300pixel
-JPG file with raw image(RAW format preferred)

● Entry deadline: Oct. 19 (Fri), 2012

● How to enter
1. Visit our website(www.ijto.or.kr) and download Entry form for the contest
2. Make a folder of your name on www.webhard.co.kr/ ID: jtopic PW: 1234
3. Upload your work with the entry form
※ No payment for entry

● Prizes (Total 137 winners)
1st place: Plaque with Prize money of 3,000,000 won
2nd place: Certificate with Prize money of 2,000,000 won
3rd place(2): Certificate with Prize money of 500,000 won
4th place(3): Certificate with Prize money of 300,000 won
Special Prize(10): Certificate with Prize money of 100,000 won
Participation Prize(120):JTO Duty Free Shop gift certificates of 50,000 won worth
※ Awards and prizes will not be given if no one qualified

● Judging: Conducted by the experts(not from the host organization)

● Announcement of Winners: Nov. 16, 2012. (posted on JTO website)
※ Date is subject to change

● Rules
- Copyrights of the photographs awarded belong to JTO
- Entries with no name or not clear details of the contestant will be disqualified
- If any case of below, the prizes will be forfeited
Contestants/winners do not have copyright of his/her work that is submitted
Contestants/winners' work has been copied, edited, or awarded in the past
- Contestants are responsible for all the image rights of the submitted
- Tax will be charged to your prize money
- Name of the file submitted is regulated to:
Your name_Name of the picture_Number (ex. James shin_Horse riding_05)
- Winners' work will be uploaded and exhibited on Multimedia Contents Gallery of JTO
- If teams, one of team members or a leader make an entry
- When submitted by prepaid post, JPG file (minimum size of 2,400×3,300pixel)
※Address: 1fl. Marketing Dept., Jeju Welcome Center
690-785 23 Seondeok-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
(690-785 제주특별자치도 제주시 선덕로 23)
- Enclosed: Entry form, Photographs, Image Rights Agreement(Portraits)
- Limit of work: 5 photographs per contestant
※ Work with history of being awarded, or edited is not qualified
※ Photographs submitted will not be returned

● Inquiry
- E-mail: jtogallery@ijto.or.kr
- TEL: 064-740-6053 Jina Kang
- Address: 1fl. Marketing Dept., Jeju Welcome Center
690-785 23 Seondeok-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
(690-785 제주특별자치도 제주시 선덕로 23)

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